Skill Development

Skill Development

Some of the activities carried by the foundation

The foundation has been offering various types of workshops and trainings to different aged group of people. These trainings will make them independent and will help learn and develop important skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

Women Empowerment

It is the main goal of PLMF to promote ‘Women Empowerment’. We encourage women mountaineers and also have a scholarship program for girls and children of women mountaineers. We keep it as our priority to bring women into the front line.

Vocational Training

We organize various training that is helpful for mountaineers and guides. All the trainings are free-of-cost and after the training they will be develop skills like Emergency Rescue and Evacuation, First Aid, Rock climbing etc. In all of our trainings we bring the best Trainer available in Nepal. We also look forward to inviting International Trainer.

Guide Training

PLMF has invested a lot of time and effort in training guides because they have to take high risk in the areas where there is there is limited infrastructure and unpredictable climatic conditions. International Trainers and experienced mountaineers provide training to guides. The entire training is free and open to all and is co-ordinated by PLMF.