For the past 22 years, the foundation has been working in various fields to make a remarkable contribution to the communities.


The Foundation has been working on the health sector in different areas of Nepal providing various qualitative medical facilities to the local communities, trekkers and mountaineers.


Education sector is another major area the foundation is working on, under this; PLMF offers various scholarship programs to underprivileged communities, disabled students, children of Everest summitters etc.

Skills Development

PLMF supports various skills development activities that are useful throughout one’s life, includes vocational training, personal development activities for children, awareness seminar and many others.

Latest Updates
Juving Secondary School (Kharikhola) – Inaugurated on Sep 7th 2016
7th Sep 2016 
Shree Seti Devi School (Sindpalchowk) – Inaugurated on Aug 31st 2016
31st Aug 2016 
Shree Satkanya Primary School (Mankha) – Inaugurated on Aug 30th 2016
30th Aug 2016 

Juving Secondary School (Kharikhola) – Inaugurated on Sep 7th 2016

The new shoes, uniform, school bag and equipment were distributed to all 230 children, and the school was officially opened on September 7th 2016