Juving Secondary School (Kharikhola)

The new shoes, uniform, school bag and equipment were distributed to all 230 children, and the school was officially opened on September 7th 2016.

Juving School immediately requires four classrooms, 2 toilets (male and female), a computer room, library, science room and a staff room for the teachers. The local community is very poor and it’s unlikely that the school will receive funding from any other sources. The new school will cost around £12,500 ($20,000) to build, using local labour and locally sourced material.
The land is being cleared and the locals are collecting and splitting stones for the foundations – February 2016. The school drawings are completed and are awaiting approval from the Engineer. The estimated costs have been confirmed, and clearing of the new site and collecting stones has been started – October 2015.
The roof was on and the windows and doors were in place – July 2016. The foundation has already been laid down, DPC is completed, doors and windows are placed and now the wall is going up. As per the coordinator, the 4 classrooms building will be completed in two months time – May 2016.