Sagarmatha Primary School (Surkey)

The new uniforms and equipment were delivered in time for the official inauguration on May 16th 2016.
The school is almost complete – we are painting the walls and woodwork – April 2016. The walls are up and windows ready to go in – we are probably 4 weeks away – March 2016. Great news, the foundations are complete and we hope to have the school finished in the next 6-8 weeks – February 2016.
All of the 5 rooms and toilets are damaged. The students are shifted to a nearby house. The rent of the house is borne by the Himalayan Trust. Apart from this, there is no any help received so far. The estimated fund to construct the school is £9,375 ($15,000).
All of the materials have been purchased in Kathmandu to start construction and these are being flown to Lukla and then carried to the school – December 2015. The position of the new school and the purchase of the land by the villagers has been done and the design/plans should be completed by mid October – October 2015.