Juving Secondary School (Kharikhola) – Inaugurated on Sep 7th 2016

7th Sep 2016

The new shoes, uniform, school bag and equipment were distributed to all 230 children, and the school was officially opened on September 7th 2016

Shree Seti Devi School (Sindpalchowk) – Inaugurated on Aug 31st 2016

31st Aug 2016

The school is now fully operational following the official opening on August 31st 2016.

Shree Satkanya Primary School (Mankha) – Inaugurated on Aug 30th 2016

30th Aug 2016

The school was completed, the official opening was on August 30th 2016

Yuwa Barsa School (Monjo) – Inaugurated on May 16th 2016

16th May 2016

The new uniforms and equipment were distributed to the students when the school and water supply were officially inaugurated on May 16th 2016,

Sagarmatha Primary School (Surkey) – Inaugurated on May 16th 2016

16th May 2016

The new uniforms and equipment were delivered in time for the official inauguration on May 16th 2016.

Shree Satkanya Primary School (Mankha) – The foundations are laid

1st May 2016

Plans are finally approved for the school, Juniper Trust have promised to donate $20,000 with the village finding any extra funds that will require for extra classrooms. The foundations are laid for the future! A new site, a new school and new hope for 80+ children. We will hopefull see complettion in the next 3 months.

Shree Seti Devi School (Sindpalchowk) – The foundations have been laid

1st May 2016

The foundations have been laid and we should start to see fast progress now, hopefully completion in the next 3 months

Sagarmatha Primary School (Surkey) – The school is almost complete

7th Apr 2016

Great news, the foundations are complete and we hope to have the school finished in the next 6-8 weeks. The school is almost complete – we are painting the walls and woodwork. The walls are up and windows ready to go in – we are probably 4 weeks away.

Juving Secondary School (Kharikhola) – The land is being cleared

10th Feb 2016

The school drawings are completed and are awaiting approval from the Engineer. The estimated costs have been confirmed, and clearing of the new site and collecting stones has been started. The land is being cleared and the locals are collecting and splitting stones for the foundations.

Yuwa Barsa School (Monjo) – The new water supply is now fully operational

31st Dec 2015

The new water supply is now fully operational with surplus water being diverted to three more tanks to provide clean water for the other houses in the village. We are now raising $3000 for 65 new sets of uniforms and equipment for the students

Supporting Trekking Guides In The Everest Region

4th Aug 2015

Our team went to Lukla for relief fund distribution to the guides in the Everest Region. The fund was collected from the collective effort of Allibert Trekking, Globe Trekkeurs and Thamserku Trekking.

Immediate Relief to Trekking Staff & Guides

31st Jul 2015

The recent earthquake had done lots of damages to the trekking team and their families in Everest Region and others. Some lost their family members, some lost their houses and many were injured. Since this is the most crucial time, with joint initiations from the foundation, ALLIBERT, their clients & Thamserku we provided immediate relief to more than 137 trekking guides, Sirdar, cook and many other staffs. These funds were distributed in Kathmandu; our team had also been to Lukla for fund distribution.

Post Earthquake: School rebuilding

6th Jul 2015

KE Adventure, Juniper Trust Project & the PLMF have put their hands together to support four schools in the Solukhumbu district which were badly damaged due to the recent devastating earthquake. The team has already visited the area to gather more information on the extent of damage caused and to find out the required support and assistance needed to rebuild the schools.

Quake relief: Gumda 5, Lapsibot | Gorkha

2nd Jul 2015

Since Gorkha is one of the worst hit districts our team went to another village of Gorkha - Gumda 5, Lapsibot for supporting to those who have been badly affected due to the earthquake. Many houses were destroyed and there were deprived of food. Our team supported almost 170 families with the immediate relief support of Rice, lentils, beaten rice, Salt Tarpaulin and many others.

Our president Mr. Kripasur Sherpa is appointed as a new Tourism Minster of Nepal

23rd May 2015

We would like to congratulate our president Mr. Kripasur Sherpa for being appointed as a new Tourism Minster of Nepal. It’s certainly the matter of pride to us, but it’s more of satisfaction to know a person who has decades of understanding of the travel and tourism of Nepal to be in such a respectful position. We can now expect some noticeable and positive changes in the travel tourism sector of Nepal.

Pasang Lhamu Nicole Nikki Hospital continues to offer all medical services

20th May 2015

Like so many others, the Pasang Lhamu Nicole Nikki Hospital too suffered severe damage during the April 25 earthquake and its powerful aftershocks. However, we are pleased to inform you that no resident patients or members of the facility were injured. And while the hospital is under full reconstruction, which is expected to be completed in three months, we continue to offer all medical services to those in need, including a maternity ward, at a temporary setup at the hospital's compound.

Quake relief: Laprak | Gorkha

11th May 2015

Our team spent 4 days in Laprak, Gorkha to support the recent earthquake victims. Being very close to the earthquake epicenter Laprak is one of worst hit area…almost 95% of household destroyed, no proper place to live nor food..the situation is real bad. Moreover, due to several reasons the supplies had not reached to the villages. However, with our coordination, we are able to convince the village committee to provide and help us distribute the relief. We chartered 4 heli to transport the relief and build an efficient team to...

Quake relief: Mankha Jalbari | Sindhupalchok

8th May 2015

Sindhupalchok is one of the worst hit districts by the earthquake, we immediately worked on sending reliefs to various villages of Sidhupalchok. The team with the relief materials of Foods (Rice, Lentils, Sugar, and beaten rice), first aids, Medicines, Tripals etc went to Sindhupalchok. More than 300 people and 50 houses were supported by the foundation at Mankha 9 Jalbari, Kattike village Sindhupalchok. Here are some images of the relief distribution.

Pasang Lhamu Day Celebration

23rd Apr 2015

Pasang Lhamu Foundation celebrates Pasang Lhamu day on Baisakh 10, 2072 to honor the 22nd anniversary of Late Mrs. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa's historic scaling of Mount Everest. Respected Subash Chandra Nembang, the Chairman of Constituent Assembly of Nepal, along with the honorable guests attended the event. The program included appreciations to various personalities, climbers, distribution of scholarships to the students and various other programs.

PLMF Fundraiser for the families of those lost in the Everest avalanche spring 2014

8th May 2014

The Pasang Lhamu Foundation set up a new fund to help alleviate any financial strain on the immediate dependents of those lost or injured through their work in the mountaineering industry in the Nepal Himalaya. We organized KHUMBLILA - Concert & live art fundraiser for the families of those lost in the Everest avalanche spring 2014 along with various other fundraising events.